Robotics Hardware
Designed for Education

The Climate Action Kit is the most intuitive and easy-to-use robotic inventors kit you’ve ever seen. Packed with innovative and user-friendly features – we’re raising the bar for education technology in the classroom.


Robotics like you've
never seen it before

The Climate Action Kit features a brand new and innovative technology similar to a reversible phone charger cord – creating an incredibly easy and intuative experience for connecting robotic components. 

What this means for educators:

Forward Education Climate Action Kit Reversible Cable Connectors

The easiest robotics assembly you'll ever do.

Intuitive and easy-to-use robotics hardware that teachers will love and students will become experts at.


Everything you
need in the box

Every Climate Action Kit comes with all of the robotic components and building blocks needed to assemble several Climate Action Kit projects. 

Building blocks and robotic components intuitively fit together and can be assembled in all sorts of configurations. 


Climate Action Kit
Breakout Board

The Climate Action Kit Breakout Board acts as the heart, spine and brain of all Climate Action Kit projects. The Breakout Board is powered by an onboard battery (the heart) and transmits code from the micro:bit (the brain) through the board (the spine) to the various robotic components (the limbs).

micro:bit Edge Connector

Easily insert a micro:bit V2 to power projects! 

Reversible Connectors

As easy as a phone charging cord!

Easy-to-follow Symbols

Match the symbol on the board to the symbol on the robotic component. 

Water Pump

Easily add the water pump to projects using the dedicated port.

Dedicated Motor Ports

Easily connect Continuous or Positional Servos to any of the dedicated motor ports.

Indication Lights

Easily determine if the Breakout Board is on, charging, or has a low battery with the various indication lights.

On-Board Battery

Power all the Climate Action Kit projects for hours with an on-board rechargeable battery.

Smart Components

Smart Sensor Components are automatically detected in Makecode and addressed accordingly.

No you don't need to worry about programming for a specific pin for sensors!


Robotic Components

Each Climate Action Kit is equipped with a variety of robotic components which allow you to complete several different projects. 

Touch Sensor

Touch Sensor

Easily code your program to trigger an event or detect when the Touch Sensor has been activated.

Solar Sensor

Solar Sensor

Detect and measure the amount of light present.

Line Sensor

Line Sensor

Follow a path using the three infrared sensors on the Line Sensor. The Line Sensor is also a equipped with a ball and caster to act as a third wheel for vehicle projects.

LED Ring

LED Ring

Create all kinds of colours and patterns in your project with the LED Ring.

Rotary Dial

Rotary Dial

Adjust variables or trigger events using the Rotary Dial.

Moisture Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Use the capacitive Moisture Sensor to measure the moisture level of soil.

Sonar Sensor

Sonar Sensor

Sonar Sensors are used to detect the distance between an object and the sensor.

Servo Motors

Servo Motors

Drive or have continuous movement using the Continuous Servo. Program fixed positions or movements using the Positional Servo.

Water Pump

Water Pump

Pump water from a container to another vessel using the Water Pump and tubing.


Building Blocks

To complete each of the Climate Action Kit projects, students will use a variety of press-fit building blocks to create the structure of their prototypes (the bones). 


Interactive Simulators

Receive real-time feedback while you’re coding in Microsoft Makecode! 

The Climate Action Kit’s virtual simulators allow you to test and troubleshoot in real-time. Simply pair your micro:bit and virtual versions of all the robotic components you have connected will show up in your workspace – and function like real-life!


Even more features...

Love these features as much as we do?
Here are even more details about the Climate Action Kit’s innovative hardware!

"Daisy-chain" Robotic Components

Connect robotics components to each other in a 'daisy-chain' for easy project assembly. Microsoft Makecode will automatically detect which components are connected and where they're located.

On-Board Battery

Power all your Climate Action Kit projects for hours and hours with an on-board and rechargeable Lithium ION battery.

Third-party Compatible Building Blocks

We've designed the Climate Action Kit's building blocks to be compatible with your favourite press-fit plastic bricks - unlocking creativity and expanding building possibilities!


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