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CS for Climate: Forward Education at CSTA 2024 in Las Vegas

CS for Climate: Forward Education at CSTA 2024 in Las Vegas

Connecting with educators and helping with successful classroom implementation is at the heart of what we do at Forward Education. We work with many Computer Science educators and cannot wait to meet more of you next week at the CSTA Conference in Las Vegas!

As a computer science teacher, it can feel like a challenging solo mission to both inspire and engage students. We designed the Climate Action Kit to alleviate that burden, providing interdisciplinary project-based learning solutions that connect students with a cause everyone can identify with - building a better future.

Join us at CSTA Booth #413 to connect with peers, share insights, and explore how our kits can transform your classroom experience!

What to Expect at CSTA 2024 Booth #413

For CSTA 2024 in Las Vegas, we’re bringing even more hands-on excitement to Booth #413. Attendees can pick-up, build, and code with our Climate Action Kits and see firsthand how they make STEM and coding engaging and accessible. We will have a variety of interactive projects set up, demonstrating how easy it is to teach through climate action by building prototypes of real-life climate technologies.

Alongside the building and coding, booth visitors can explore our lessons. Our solution is designed to align with:

Each alignment is made possible by incorporating project-based and inquiry-based learning in each lesson, making it straightforward to integrate the kit into your curriculum in multiple ways.

Join a LIVE Session at CSTA

Along with physical computing during our hands-on build and code activities, we will also be delivering a variety of sessions focused on:

Session attendees and booth visitors will also have the chance to win a free trial kit to take home, so don’t miss out!

Are you a passionate STEM Educator looking for opportunities to connect with peers, share ideas, get some cool swag, make an impact, AND have the opportunity to explore paid opportunities in STEM Education?

We're launching a new program for "Forward Educators" called the Coding4Climate Champions (more info to come at CSTA)!

Join Our Journey

We’re excited to see our network of educators growing and finding creative ways to teach with the Climate Action Kit. Follow us on social media to keep up with our journey throughout the CSTA 2024 conference, whether you’re attending in person or following along from afar. If you’re at the conference, visit our booth #413 for a chance to win trial kits and other exciting swag!

Together, let’s inspire the next generation to build a better future through STEM, coding, and climate action.

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