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The Smart Vehicles Climate Action Kit is a user-friendly STEM teaching tool that enables teachers to instruct coding and robotics lessons without requiring a computer science background. This kit comes with all the hardware pieces you need to build a variety of diverse climate action solution projects.

The Smart Vehicle Kit is a part of the Climate Action Kit ecosystem of products. With this kit, students get to build their own electric vehicle, an automated tree seeder, and even a lunar rover. It’s hands-on and engaging making it the complete teaching package for teachers to make coding and robotics meaningful. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for students to discover how their creations can help protect our planet and support life on Earth. It’s designed specifically for students in grades 7 to 12 making it a must-have tool for teachers who want to inspire their students to be stewards of the earth.

The Climate Action Kit online lessons are aligned to a variety of educational standards including: NGSS, Common Core, CSTA, US State Standards, Canadian Provincial/Territorial Standards, and more to come!

This Class Pack is designed to equip educators with everything they need to run Climate Action Kit activities with their class. If sharing kits, 2-3 students per kit is recommended.

Coding Software

Microsoft Makecode

Learning Software

Forward Education Learning Platform

What's Included Each of the 10 x Smart Vehicle Climate Action Kit Contains:

1 x Getting Started Guide

Robotic Components
1 x Breakout Board with Battery
1 x Sonar Sensor
1 x Infrared Sensor with Ball & Caster
1 x LED Light
2 x Continuous Servo Motors
1 x Positional Servo Motor

Building Blocks
1 x Base Plate
2 x Long Frames
5 x Medium Frames
1 x Thin Frame
4 x Cube Connectors
4 x Corner Connectors
2 x Back-to-Back Connectors
3 x Component Backing Connectors

Additional Parts
1 x Long Cable Connectors
2 x Short Cable Connectors
1 x Cable Extenders
2 x Wheels
1 x USB Cable

*A micro:bit is required and sold separately.