Traditional farming is important because it gives us most of our food. But as the world changes, farming needs to change too! As we learned earlier, the Earth’s population is growing, so we need new ways to make enough food for everyone while making sure we are taking care of the Earth.

Farming uses a whole lot of water. About 70% of all the water used in the world goes to farms! But sometimes, this water can get really dirty. How does it get dirty? Well, animal poop, bug sprays, and special plant food called 'fertilizers' can mix with the water on farms. This can be a problem.When it rains, the dirty water can flow off the farm and go into rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. This is called 'runoff,' and it's not good for the fish and other creatures living in the water. Advanced Agriculture uses special tools and machines to help make growing food easier and better. One of these tools is a water system that works all by itself!  The system checks how wet or dry the soil is and gives water to the plants only when they need it. That way, not a single drop of water is wasted.But that's not all. These smart farming methods are also good for keeping water clean. When farms use water more carefully, there's less chance of making it dirty with things like animal waste, bug sprays, and fertilizers. So, the water stays clean, which is good for people and animals too!

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