Educator Notes: 
The goal with this lesson is to inspire students and get them thinking about what their robotic solution could look like. Making a connection between what they have learned, and the project they are going to build. 

Expand your student's understanding by asking the following questions: 
1. Name another Off Shore Wind Turbine 
2. What is the different between on shore and off shore wind turbine? 

Offshore wind turbines are like giant fans placed in the ocean or sea. They use the power of the wind blowing over the water to spin their big blades. When these blades spin, they can make electricity. This is a clean way to get energy because it doesn’t create pollution. So, instead of using things like coal or oil, we use the natural wind over the ocean to help power our homes and schools

Located in New Jersey, this project strives to establish the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Why choose New Jersey? The state boasts some of the most ambitious clean energy goals in North America. New Jersey’s objective is for 50% of its energy to be derived from renewable sources and to be fully powered by clean energy by 2035.

This project, named Ocean Wind 1, will have the capacity to power 500,000 homes. It will utilize GE Haliade-X turbines, each with a production capacity of 12 MW. The wind farm will feature up to 98 turbines situated 15 miles off the coast of New Jersey.

The Haliade-X is an advanced offshore wind turbine developed by GE Renewable Energy, known for its remarkable size and efficiency. Each turbine can generate up to 12 megawatts of power, enough to supply clean energy to about 16,000 homes. Featuring some of the longest wind blades in the world, the Haliade-X stands out as a major player in the shift towards sustainable, renewable energy sources.

To learn more about Haliade- X check out the video below!

World’s Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine | Haliade-X | GE Renewable Energy

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