Step-by-Step Coding Tutorial

Let’s get ready to code your automated tree seeder project. To follow the coding tutorial on Makecode, click the Start Coding button below.

Open Coding

If you’d like to try coding your Tree Seeder without following a tutorial, you can code openly in the traditional Makecode workspace by clicking the link below.

Here’s a brief description to help you on your open coding journey:

Objective: Have the tree seeding vehicle drive forward using the continuous servo motors and drop 4 ‘simulated seeds’ at set time intervals using the positional servo motor.

Coding Description: Before the main sequence of actions, the code performs initial setup. In this setup, specific components of the robot are defined and configured. Servo2 and Servo3 are assigned roles in moving the tree seeder robot, while Servo1 is designated to simulate dropping seeds. By controlling its angle, Servo1 imitates the action of a seed dropper, allowing the robot to simulate dropping seeds as it moves forward. This initial configuration prepares the robot for its tasks by assigning specific functions to different servo motors, creating a coordinated system for both movement and seed dropping. The sequence runs four times when button A is pressed, executing the process of moving forward and simulating seed dropping each time. After completing the sequence four times, the robot stops, requiring another press of button A to initiate the sequence again.