In this lesson, we are going to explore some of the coding concepts for the Automated Tree Seeder you are going to code next. Take a look at the blocks below, they will be used to code your project in the next section.

Forever Loop

Sometimes, you might want something to keep happening again and again. Instead of writing many lines of code, we can use something called a “loop” in our code. Imagine a Forever Loop as a magical tool that makes any block inside it repeat over and over and over, just like magic that never ends!

Conditional Statement (If/Then)

Sometimes we need our computer to do something but only when we want it to based on other information. For that, we can use a block called a conditional or an If-then block. It works kind of like this If it’s raining outside, then use an umbrella. In an If then block if a condition is met then something we define happens.