In this lesson, we are going to explore some of the coding concepts for the Wind Turbine Project you are going to code next. Take a look at the blocks below, they will be used to code your project.

If/Then Statement

There are times when we want our computer to do something only when a specific condition is true. We can use a special block called “conditional” or “If-Then” block for that. It’s a bit like this: If it’s library day, then you remember to bring your library book. In the If-Then block, if a certain thing is true, then the computer knows what to do!


Programs are always using the information to run. A variable represents the place where data is kept it helps the computer remember things you tell it to. For today’s lesson

“On Dial Turned”

Sometimes when we’re coding, we want a certain event to happen, but only when we tell it to. It’s like when we want a robot to move, but only when we say ‘go’ or turn a dial. In code, we use ‘On __ turned’ or ‘On dial Press.’ When we use this command, the instructions inside it will only work when we turn the dial or press the button.

Forever Loop

Sometimes, you might want something to keep happening again and again. Instead of writing many lines of code, we can use something called a “loop” in our code. Imagine a Forever Loop as a magical tool that makes any block inside it repeat over and over and over, just like magic that never ends!