Educator Note:

In this section, students will gain an understanding of the coding concepts used for this lesson. For more information and support refer to our Knowledge Base

In this lesson, we are going to explore some of the coding concepts for the Wind Turbine you are going to code next. Take a look at the blocks below, they will be used to code your project in the next section.

Input Blocks

Sometimes when we’re making computer programs, we want something special to happen, but only when we tell it to. It’s like when we want a robot to move, but only when we say ‘go’ or turn a special knob.

In our code, we use something called ‘On __ turned’ or ‘On ___ Press.’ When we use this special code, the instructions inside it will only work when we turn the knob or press the button. These types of blocks are also known as ‘input‘ blocks.